Is medium dying?

Medium’s new CEO on the company’s journalism mistakes, bundle economics, and life after Ev Williams | Nieman Journalism Lab

Medium’s first role is a place for subject matter experts to share their knowledge, he told me. Most people don’t want to set up a blog or a newsletter; Medium fills a niche for people who have something to say only once in a while. The value the service provides lies in helping people find a broader audience than they might otherwise on their own, and enhancing the reputations of the people who publish there, Stubblebine said.

In the classic PR speak, Medium is pitching itself as a “blogging platform” for “sustainable writing”. It is clear that Substack, fuelled by the VC funding and attention, has dented its sheen. I dont foresee any credible future, even if they refuse to divulge the numbers of people paying for the product. The support is terrible and the blogging tools are worthless.

Choose wisely. Don’t fall for the PR hype or the “diversity inclusion claims”. There’s no magic bullet that will “enhance the reputation”, but instead focus on building a blog with clear lines of export or ownership.

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