The CHIP wars

Consider an alternative to ARM: Risc V. This is another architecture. A quick lowdown:

Amid Chip Shortages, Companies Bet on RISC-V – News

RISC-V is a set of open specifications that electrical engineers can use to create processor cores. While RISC-V is not yet in a position to compete against Arm and x86 in higher-end computing, it’s increasingly being used in areas such as hardware controllers, management cores and FPGAs for applications from embedded electronics to artificial intelligence. With RISC-V, there is no need to negotiate proprietary licences for a whole package, instead there is design flexibility which can lead to a differentiated product. 

What’s interesting is the initial commercialisation:

The move is all about growth for MIPS, specifically targeting the high-performance segment of the processor market by offering products for automotive, edge computing, wireless networking, data centre storage and more.

I am keeping an eye on these developments. I am particularly interested in the case scenarios for edge computing, where cheaper hardware costs (and low power consumption) will speed up the network utility (and improve healthcare access).

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