How to write: Another workflow

Using writing as a thought process.

I have always said that blogging helps unlock ideas, as well as form idea matrices. We are all drifting away into irrelevance as we continue to get distracted. Utilise specific tools to get work done (grammar check on the fly), reading and discovery through RSS feeds.

If you still aren’t convinced, here’s another post:

Don’t think to write, write to think – Herbert Lui

Writing as start and end point: With other processes, there are different tools for preliminary work—many things start with pen and paper, but most things transition into either different software of some sort, or into the physical realm. If you’re making a film, for example, you’d probably start off writing a screenplay, or drawing storyboards (it used to be on pen and paper, I’m sure there’s software for it now). After sketching out a design, say, you’ll load up Figma. By contrast, the materiality of writing is confusing because it starts and ends with ink on paper (or characters on a screen). Writing can start and end in Google Docs; this leads many people to think the writing process is an end point, and neglecting it as a starting point. It can be either!

Don’t assume you’d churn out your masterpiece in the first attempt. My long form thinking process requires several passes at it.

Good luck!

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