Twitter: It isn’t the “social media network” anymore ]

Famously infamous.

These are damning revelations:

Whistleblower Reports Twitter is ‘Dependent’ on China, Overrun by Bots

According to the Mudge report, in 2021, Twitter employed just two employees to identify misinformation across all realms of human knowledge. For the many users, like myself, who’ve been banned from Twitter, the Mudge report raises even more questions. Twitter’s bans are notoriously opaque, but in theory they could be coming from a few different sources: 1. algorithms, 2. brigades of antagonistic user reports, 3. action by one of Twitter’s two misinformation employees, 4. bribery or abuse of these systems by hostile regimes, or 5. extralegal collusion with the federal government, which a rapidly growing body of evidence has shown is taking place.

If you still assume that social media networks are influenced by “friends and family”, reconsider. For example, you can buy Twitter ads to “boost your presence” and the “trending topics” are controlled by algorithms that can be bypassed by state actors. Of what use is Twitter? Consign it to the trash bin or automate it. It’s worthless for opinion or information.

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