Why organisations are leaving FaceBook

I have heard several support organisations have large groups on Facebook, because they find it easier to “navigate” and have large groups there. There are several agencies that can “boost” your page by buying advertisements on your behalf and temporarily boosting engagement. I am away from Facebook for over 15 years now and I have no idea what goes on there. My social media is limited to Twitter (which is automated) and Telegram (which isn’t social media strictly).

This is an interesting account of a big blog which lost Facebook subscribers.

To Hell With Facebook • Damn Interesting

We really should have done this back when it was revealed that Facebook used the ubiquitous embedded “Like on Facebook” buttons to follow people’s movements around the web without their knowledge or consent. We should have done this when Facebook literally toyed with people’s emotions by showing some people more positive stories in their newsfeeds, and others more negative stories, to see how it would affect their emotional states. We should have done this when it was revealed that Facebook allowed advertisers to target ads to people who expressed interest in topics such as “Jew hater.” We should have done this so many times before.

This is illuminating:

Our reasons for leaving are not entirely abstract. We’re sure many of you, like us, have experienced first-hand how Facebook gives people license to be their worst selves. It can elevate mere differences of political opinion into anger and hostility, pushing friends and family into extreme views, turning loved ones into ugly caricatures of their former selves.

I hope support organisations shift towards Telegram channels and linked groups for users to post comments.

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