Firing up your creativity

This is an interesting tip

Put it on the Crazy Pile: Ideas and Creativity

What I did not anticipate was how freeing the whole experience turned out to be! With the existence of, suddenly, I had ‘external storage,’ and for some unfathomable reason, mybrain, abhorring a vacuum, started coming up with more ideas.2
Arguably, most of these ideas are probably3 not great to begin with, but the way I set up was tailored to prevent exactly the spur-of-the-moment judgement that I might regret later. I instead set aside a 15 minutes every month or so to go through the file,
with the intent of deleting ideas that appear to ludicrous.

I am experimenting with Readwise and Obsidian but the problem is that Obsidian from Windows doesn’t sync well with the other platforms. The “grand idea” is to collect everything I read but its currently limited to web. Epub and PDF file formats are missing from the equation though readwise is promising to address that gap. The development work is extremely slow from their end. I haven’t found anything else around this workflow to be of consequence.

Just a thought; I hope you find some inspiration there.

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