Is the push to regulate big-tech fizzling out?

Axios thinks so.

Congress’ push to regulate Big Tech is fizzling out

Catch up quick: The American Innovation and Competition Online Act, co-sponsored by Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), would ban Big Tech companies from favoring their own services in an anticompetitive way.

For example, Apple would have to allow third party payment systems and Google could not surface its reviews over others in search results.

The Senate bill is a companion to a similar House bill approved by the House Judiciary Committee last summer.

Here’s a little update from WaPo:

Fate of lawmakers’ tech antitrust push is up in the air – The Washington Post

But to date, a vast majority of senators have not publicly indicated how they would vote on the measures, S.2992 and S.2710, setting up a historic test of congressional efforts to rein in Silicon Valley behemoths like Facebook and Google. Combined, the bills would block the tech giants from favoring their own products and impose new restrictions on their app storesThe responses show that even as public support for the bills has grown, key senators who may help decide the fate of the proposals remain on the fence, while others may be awaiting additional changes.

So, there’s a political slugfest inside Congress, all in the name of user privacy. My concern is the slow privacy creep of big-tech in healthcare.

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