RSS: Back from the dead

I am thrilled to see its adoption growing among the “influencers” – notably developers and the DevOps team. They can dictate the commercial terms, including for the main websites.

RSS is on fire again, and it’s all down to SlackOps · Cross Dominant

Because RSS evolved from news sites and podcasting, with Dave Winer being central to it all, most people think of it as just a media thing. But it’s far more than that, it’s your base-level API that can be used to notify people of anything via pull, not push. That’s the reason RSS is coming out, once again, fighting fit and ready to help another generation of users.

RSS has become the first part of the answer to the question, “how do I get alerted when something important has happened out there?”

The author mentions Slack’s public channels, but there are better options-Inoreader. You can consume content from anywhere that offers RSS feeds. The other options, like Feedly cringe on features or are expensive for their paid tier – they tout “AI” as the “intelligence layer” but its only a marketing gimmick. You can easily de-duplicate layers and set up IFTTT alerts in Telegram. For example, you can automate posting of specific Telegram channels by interacting with the Inoreader options. It’s brilliant. (It works for Feedly too, but I won’t sign up for an expensive service).

Take a basic example – how do I stay notified of CISA Security alerts? You can sign up for emails that go into the black hole of your inbox, or you can take their RSS feed and pipe it into a dedicated Alerts channel on Slack. In under 30 seconds, you are fully up to date on some major threats to your business.

You can easily set up specific alerts from PubMed – experiment with the search using Boolean and fine-tune the results. You can get specific RSS feeds for that search. It’s awesome!

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