Why we context switch?

In my ongoing series about context switching, I am using specific pointers to minimise your use of social media (and understand) how you interact with the emails to improve your productivity matrix. An old write up from HBR: Is Technology Really Helping Us Get More Done? Meanwhile, the number of interactions required to accomplish anything … Continue reading Why we context switch?

Context Switching: Attention residue

In my ongoing random series about context switching, I found this interesting study: Why is it so hard to do my work? The challenge of attention residue when switching between work tasks A typical workday often entails switching between several work activities, including projects, tasks, and meetings. This paper explores how such work design affects … Continue reading Context Switching: Attention residue

Standalone versus non-standalone

I think I should go back to writing about Telecom, like I used to do, once upon a time. It was related to nascent activism around the tracking of broadband roll outs, and I saw the technological landscape change from dial up to DSL and eventually fibre roll outs. I have never been a fan … Continue reading Standalone versus non-standalone

Should the public pay for risky ventures?

It's easy to extrapolate the current ideas in fintech (and the venture capital) to healthcare. This write up in Financial Times relates to a state-owned fund for businesses. I have highlighted something specific in the context of public funding of the "scientific experiments" and consequently healthcare. The UK government’s venture fund has a problem — … Continue reading Should the public pay for risky ventures?

Amazon’s gambit to entrench itself in your life

I usually don't comment on the acquisitions broadly, because they offer little additional context. However, this snippet caught my attention: Amazon’s iRobot Deal Is Really About Roomba Mapping Your Home - Bloomberg Amazon’s 2017 deal for Whole Foods gave it insights into the grocery industry. The $3.5 billion deal announced for One Medical Ltd. last … Continue reading Amazon’s gambit to entrench itself in your life