How to find your creative process?

I found this instructive blog post (as a book snippet). Finding inspiration in creativity (and then writing) involves a process. This is a continuation of my efforts to get more people interested in writing their blog (and I’d be delighted to offer insights) to speed up your efficiency gains. Once in a while, I look at my processes to speed up the writing. The difficulty, at times, is finding the right content.

How to Take Creative Action – Every

Finding my creative purpose involved letting go of every impulse and habit that made me successful at my work projects, and shifting my focus away from results into the process. Process is about consistently making time and energy to practice every day, rather than intensely pursuing a creative project and then burning out, falling out of love with it, and becoming resentful. It’s about creating a lot of work that meets a standard I set for myself. There’s a chance you probably feel the same way I did; that throughout each day, the thought comes to you, “I’m meant to do something, and it’s not what’s in front of me right now.” What does it mean when you find yourself creatively blocked? What if that wave of inspiration never comes, and how are you supposed to know how long to wait? What if you can’t get started, or begin but don’t finish, or are always too busy with everything else?

Do read the linked post.

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