The India “Stack”

This one caught my eye here:

digital initiatives: PM Modi launches four new digital initiatives, Telecom News, ET Telecom

The initiative is a repository of open standards and interoperability principles of key projects implemented under the Digital India Misson like Aadhaar, UPI, Digilocker, CowiN vaccination platform, Government e-Marketplace and the likes. The repository will help other countries looking to implement such projects at population scale.

The reason I have posted this is because creating platforms offers the best returns on investment. Healthcare platforms should ideally follow the same trajectory- create modular structures and then join them in a cohesive whole. There is an absence of policy framework in this direction, but the CoWin Platform has been a winner locally to organise the vaccination for the entire subcontinent. There were some quirks and downtimes, but it did well. This is the true digital health initiative required for “developing countries” – if you ignore the moniker. For too long, the “international agencies” have been using the platforms without a clear understanding of the “global health parameters”.

This has the true potential to develop “standards” of delivery.

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