Mobile tracking

This is a disconcerting news published in Financial Times:

Deutsche Bank installs app on bankers’ phones to track private messages | Financial Times

Deutsche Bank has begun installing an application on bankers’ phones to track all their communications with clients amid regulatory probes into inappropriate messaging that have rattled the industry.

JPMorgan Chase, UBS, Julius Baer, Jefferies and Cantor Fitzgerald have all made use of the software in recent years. Banks are increasingly looking for tools to help them monitor employees’ contact with clients following several regulatory investigations that have resulted in the departure of bankers.

Healthcare is also heavily regulated, like financial markets. Therefore, it is possible that doctors may face similar issues if the lines between professional and private lives get admixed. For example, if a doctor posts on social media, is it related to his professional opinion or posting in an individual capacity? There are professional constraints on what you can do online versus the “freedoms” accorded to individuals in personal capacity. Tracking software is a needless invasion of privacy, since it can be easily sidestepped by having another device. Still, regulators need to be aware that institutional policies must be in place instead of increasing overheads.

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