Leadership: Making good decisions

It is rare to find something worthwhile in HBR. I am not knocking it off for it’s origins-it is used to embellish an organisation and serves as a “mouthpiece”. However, as I search far and wide to find something good to read, very few come through the pipeline. As such, the blog also serves as a curation tool. Nevertheless, read this one

How to Make Great Decisions, Quickly

As a new leader, learning to make good decisions without hesitation or procrastination is a capability that can set you apart from your peers. While others vacillate on tricky choices, your team could be hitting deadlines and producing the type of results that deliver true value. That’s something that will get you — and the team — noticed.

Here’s another gem:

As you’re thinking about risk vs. impact, also consider the short-term vs. long term costs and benefits. Short-termism is a curse that plagues many leaders’ decision-making frames. It’s seductive to only consider short-term outcomes, particularly when you’re judged purely on the delivery of your annual work.

We need leaders and ideation for the long-term horizons, with clarity on annual focus. It is critical to build on institutional capacity (and memory) to create credible narratives and build up an organisational ethos.

Good, highly recommended read!

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