Addressing the elephant in the room

Consider these two disparate write-ups:

Why Creating an Inclusive Culture is Key to Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce – Digital Technology Supercluster

A 2021 Diversity in Tech report found that 68 percent of the 18- to 28-year-old respondents have felt uncomfortable in a job due to their gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background or neurodevelopmental condition, and half have left or wanted to leave their job because of a company culture that made them feel uncomfortable.

The Software Industry Is Still the Problem | June 2022 | Communications of the ACM

Governments have finally noticed that a well-run nation-state is heavily dependent on an awful lot of computers working properly—computers that no one in the so-called “national security apparatus” previously gave much attention. I mean, who cares how some oil company runs its billing system?

Politicians do not worry that thousands of toilets may suddenly start spewing water because goods like that have to “follow code” and adhere to product liability standards.

Do you need to train individuals on the basis of meritocracy and ability to understand context, or do you want to run your country on basis of affirmative actions and bleating about “inclusion”. The future scares me, because this completely underscores the diminution of public discourse and ideas. Breakthroughs come from giving a playground set for failure, rather than cheering from sidelines if they are always allowed to “pass”. Think about it carefully.

I am quoting this in context here, because AI is creeping into everything we utilise. Software is being fundamentally altered to run everything we do. Battery operated vehicles, refrigerators, watches (and phones) or any myriad mundane object which will be sold as “smart”. We need ideas. Not inclusion scores.

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