Social Media: Customer service?

Wall Street Journal has this to report:

Hello? Hello? Is This Facebook? Anybody There? (Nope.) – WSJ

You thought you had to wait forever to speak with a customer service representative? Facebook and Instagram serve nearly 3 billion users a day with a help desk that numbers closer to zero.

Mr. Bacon hunted for a customer help line or an email address and learned what many others before him have discovered: There are none. “I have never been able to speak to a human,” he said of what turned out to be a monthslong quest to restore his Facebook account.

I am even surprised that this made “news”. It is a free platform where you are the product. Why do you even expect to be “served”? You create “value” by forming connections and contributing to text, where algorithms are trained to target you. Then users are “outraged”. Perverse logic indeed. If you truly want to converse, why not look at options like Telegram and Threema?

Here’s a kicker below:

Mr. Bacon said he patiently followed Facebook’s instructions. He changed his password, twice, and provided identification. Nothing happened. Then he pleaded help from a higher power. He sent a certified letter to Sheryl Sandberg, Meta’s chief operating officer, at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. He described his failed efforts to resurrect his Facebook page.

He signed the letter, with warm regards. Ms. Sandberg didn’t write back.

This is an “ouch-moment”.

I hope better sense prevails. Unless you break the vicious circle, you won’t be able to grow your site or monetise effectively.

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