Huawei woes

From WSJ:

Canada to Ban 5G Equipment From China’s Huawei, ZTE – WSJ

Canadian officials said Thursday equipment from Huawei and ZTE is banned from the country’s telecommunications network because of the threat it poses to national security. The country’s telecommunications companies that currently use Huawei equipment—most notably BCE Inc. and Telus Corp.—must remove it no later than 2027, and won’t be compensated, the government said. BCE and Telus didn’t immediately respond to questions about Huawei equipment on their networks. BCE announced in 2020 that it had selected Sweden’s Ericsson AB to supply 5G equipment. That same year Telus announced Ericsson and Finland’s Nokia Corp. would supply equipment for its 5G network. Since then, the two telecom companies have been stripping Huawei equipment from their network, people familiar with the matter said.

The reason I have linked this here is because of increasing security concerns about data concentration (and potential “misuse”) by China through its equipment backdoors. However, Google and Apple continue to amass data in the US, and how is it safe to amass the data in those geographies? I don’t necessarily agree with the western notion (and bogey) about “human rights” and their putrid “indices” because those represent the vestiges and dragnet of their respective foreign policies. However, I am also questioning the eventual shift to 5G and how it will benefit the end-users in the first place. Isn’t 4G and sensible deployments of Wifi 6 standards good enough?

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