Broken peer review system

Some thoughts from ex Director of CSIR:

Paid publishing in science has killed peer review system, says former CSIR chief

The former director general of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) told ThePrint that mushrooming online journals, even the reputed ones, charge an author hefty fees to post their scientific findings. Mande spoke of the art of peer-reviewing in olden times. “Traditionally, the way knowledge advanced was that learned people got together, debated the known current facts… if someone proposed advanced material, this too was debated in a fraternity of very well-known people.”

This is what I have been saying; we should move towards the Indian model of “debate and logic” instead of the “western hegemony” of “author-pays-model” (which has been set up to maximise profits of vested interests). There are several limitations in Indian institutions, and India isn’t the “world-leader” in that aspect. However, if you witness the gradual geopolitical landscape, there has been a fresh thinking on that aspect. India lacks effective institutional mechanisms (and trained personnel) to spot the opportunities that are similar to shooting ourselves in the foot. We continue to see the future with the tinted eye glasses of the past; therefore, we require fresh thinking and idea matrices to improve the processes.

Here’s the full video:

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