Fibre optics cables

This is a good explainer on the subsea fibre optic cables. Why I have included this here-I’ll explain this shortly. First watch this video:

Under the sea: Building Google’s fiber optic network | Google Cloud Blog

Physical infrastructure permitting, identifying power sources, and installing cooling and hardware. The entire process for one project can take multiple years to plan and implement. As a result, capacity planning must be done far in advance. It’s difficult to predict capacity needs; a typical trend line analysis won’t work. Given these long lead times and a 20+ year typical life of a cable, our forecasting and asset acquisition decision analysis looks at demand forecasts across a longer time horizon of multiple years rather than months. 

How do you predict the requirement for future? This is both a policy and engineering challenge. Should private corporations invest in subsea cables, or should governments own subsea cables and pool in public resources? Those arguing for private corporations-governments play no role in such massive engineering challenges. However, private corporations are wiring up entire dark continents like Africa, where public investments have been shrinking in both technology and public health. If these countries depend on Google, it is also a grave threat to their sovereignty. Future healthcare (and 5G rollouts) should give cognisance to these issues.

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