Slow reward activities

This is a brilliant blog post on “boredom”- we are attuned to getting instant gratification on social media which appears like the new normal. Whereas, we need to allow ourselves to “get-bored” too. However, the slow reward program is an interesting facet to get users to blog too:

In Defense of Boredom — Nate Dickson Thinks…

There are many names for this concept, Delayed gratification, work before reward, reap what you sow, etc. It’s not a new concept of course. There are so few of those. But The way I’m trying to internalize it at the moment is the concept that there are some activities that have quick, nearly instant rewards. TV shows and video games are designed to dole out a certain amount of gratification nearly constantly.

There are other activities that take longer to “pay out” but present us with actual rewards. They’re often called “work”. Creating, writing, building relationships, studying, planting and growing food, building a career, these are all slow reward activities. They take time to come to fruition. There’s a lot of boring part before the good part. Sometimes they fail on us entirely, and all that effort is wasted. The quick reward activities are safer.

Find out the benefits of blogging here or anywhere else. It doesn’t matter if you have “followers” or “influencer” or “key opinion leader” or leaving a legacy behind. If you have one life, make it worthwhile for gradual pursuit of knowledge.

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