Singapore Tech Stack

This is a phenomenal development! I stumbled on this from a random link, and this is the first time I have seen something like this:

Singapore Government Tech Stack | Singapore Government Developer Portal

GovTech is developing the Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS) with a vision
to modernise development practice across Whole-Of-Government (WOG) to help
build secure systems that are responsive to constantly evolving citizens and
business needs. To achieve this, we need to adopt a three-prong approach:
People, Platform and Practice.

From the website

The description:

SGTS is a set of platform tools that streamlines and simplifies the development process and enables code reuse across WOG to build secure, high quality applications. SGTS has a 2-layer architecture where the Base Layer focuses on standardising development tools and environment and at the top, the Services Layer drives code reusability within WOG.

In effect, this is the base for every application deployment, which can lead to defraying costs and ensure consistency across applications. I can imagine this to grow beyond its initial remit and provide a base layer for healthcare applications too. There is much to learn from this for everyone else too. Here’s something from their “success story”:

Case Studies

CStack is a cloud-based container development and hosting platform that is IM8 compliant. It leverages Kubernetes (k8s) to automate deployment, manage and scale containerised applications. It secures workloads by providing an integrated set of container security tools…. Although the team had limited knowledge on k8s, it was able to pick up key concepts such as how to use nodes, pods, and deployments to test drive the platform. The seamless integration with cloud managed services such as database, email services and secret management also freed the team to focus on the app rather than spending time on setting up the infrastructure.

I can visualise use cases for public facing applications for healthcare (and education).

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