Who polices the police?

These are draft notifications from the GMC, UK. They have released some set of guidelines for doctors on social media. This isn’t the first time though:

Doctors could be struck off for spreading fake news on vaccines and lockdowns

The draft regulations from the General Medical Council (GMC) – which the watchdog describes as a 21st-century version of the Hippocratic Oath – also say doctors must speak out if they encounter “toxic” workplace cultures that threaten patient safety.

They are “guidelines” in place but I have one specific question to ask. Which medical practitioner in their right minds, wants to harm their patients? There is continuous erosion of trust between patients and their doctors due to several factors. But are doctors to be blamed for the excessive commercialization (or industrialization) of medicine? Why have the system (of lobbying) in the first place if the political class is concerned about the healthcare of its populace? Remember, the penny pinches only if the expenses are borne out of pocket or have a notoriously inefficient public funded healthcare organisation.

In December a judge ruled that the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, which runs hearings when doctors are under investigation, had made an “error of law” when it ordered a GP accused of spreading misinformation to stop discussing Covid on social media. Dr Samuel White, who was a partner at a practice in Hampshire, raised concerns about vaccines and claimed “masks do nothing” in a video posted last June.

Here’s the context from the link:

Doctor banned from social media in ‘masks do nothing’ row takes his case to High Court

Dr White, a partner at Denmead Practice in Hampshire until his resignation in February, has brought his High Court challenge against the GMC in a bid to quash restrictions imposed on him, which include barring him from sharing his views relating to the pandemic on social media.

His barrister, Francis Hoar, told a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday: “This is a claim about freedom of expression of a doctor, in particular his freedom to engage in medical, scientific and political debate and discussion.”

Of course, this is bollocks. In a later development, all restrictions on his social media account were lifted:

There is a fine balance between restoring trust between institutions and public and open communication. I can’t comment on specifics of GMC draft notifications or their prior actions on the GP. However, it is pertinent to observe that the pandemic has been politicised beyond recognition and repair. I hope mainstream media absolves itself from fuelling “misinformation” and “fact-checks” and instead reports without specific agendas.

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