Is using fear justified to propel your career forward?

This is interesting thought write up:

Use fear as your compass – Jakob Greenfeld – Experiments in Entrepreneurship and Learning

I’ve talked about this before in the context of content creation. I had noticed that there is almost a perfect correlation between my level of fear before a post goes live and how much it resonates with readers.

But only recently realized that fear is also a perfect compass in a much broader context. Fear is a compass that helps you figure out what direction you should be moving in. It’s a signal that you’re onto something powerful and important.

It is very easy to conflate “fear” with anxiety. There’s a fear of missing out and that explains why people stick to social media. There’s a fear of making mistakes and that leads to a complete analysis paralysis. There’s fear of being “victimised”, and that explains the group think that we call “committees”. There’s always fear which is irrational.

I’d like to switch it to developing curiosity, instead. If you are curious, you’d encourage yourself to learn. You’d find a way to cut out the distractions. You’d find any motivation and push yourself to finish the task. I often ask myself when I am on a long distance ride-no one asked me to cycle long distances. Yet, I do. It is because I want to see a better version of myself and not fear the consequences of lack of exercise. It’s improved awareness of how to push yourself to limits, and then use that as a feedback loop to identify the outcomes.

Fear is not warranted.

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