Addressing the elephant in the room

Consider these two disparate write-ups: Why Creating an Inclusive Culture is Key to Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce - Digital Technology Supercluster A 2021 Diversity in Tech report found that 68 percent of the 18- to 28-year-old respondents have felt uncomfortable in a job due to their gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background or neurodevelopmental condition, … Continue reading Addressing the elephant in the room

Academia: The great “resignation”

Has the "great resignation" struck academia? Nature asks this question (and inevitably blames the lack of diversity and inclusion in the process, as any narrative spin goes). However, there are key essential takeaways from here and echo my thought process. I have been writing about it for some time (and trying to get into a … Continue reading Academia: The great “resignation”

Social Media: Customer service?

Wall Street Journal has this to report: Hello? Hello? Is This Facebook? Anybody There? (Nope.) - WSJ You thought you had to wait forever to speak with a customer service representative? Facebook and Instagram serve nearly 3 billion users a day with a help desk that numbers closer to zero.Mr. Bacon hunted for a customer … Continue reading Social Media: Customer service?

Zoom: Becomes “unzoomed”

(Descriptive- from the write-up) The sales are declining. Zoom Sales Growth Slows as Pandemic Boom Wanes - WSJ The declining sales growth rate comes after the pandemic-induced surge in business that Zoom experienced as offices shut and remote work ramped up. Now that more offices are resuming in-person workdays, the need for the popular videoconferencing … Continue reading Zoom: Becomes “unzoomed”

PhD: Highly educated poverty

Can you get by these wages? In hindsight, I think it's justified that I didn't get into a PhD. I sat over several offers that came by, but each one of them supposedly "failed"; till I learned that those are money spinners for the "universities". Yes, it's required for the "academia", but what's the importance … Continue reading PhD: Highly educated poverty