Limits to subscription

Netflix to Launch Advertising-Supported Cheaper Plans – The Hollywood Reporter

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings revealed the move on the company’s quarterly earnings call Tuesday, adding that the company will be examining what those plans will look like “over the next year or two.” Netflix COO Greg Peters said that advertising “is an exciting opportunity for us.”

I usually don’t cover Netflix here, because it’s not the focus. However, I’d do anything to get their recommendation engine and play around to understand its application in healthcare. It’s almost voodoo. They have documented it on their blog, but that’s completely out of my range. Nevertheless, I have linked to this because Netflix is throwing the gauntlet to embrace advertising.

I have rallied against the Substack model of “publishing” because that’s not conducive. They are afloat on the VC model and the rent extraction will only increase with time. Or it will turn the Netflix way- an “advertisement supported” system. If it can stream on browser, will it be susceptible for ad-blocking? I am not sure.

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