When cloud services go down

I have nothing to do with Atlassian. I have nothing to do with the productivity software offered for the enterprises. However, I have been reading about this company going down in April badly. (I schedule the posts for future auto-updates; I batch write the blog posts).

Here’s some random twitterpost:

I am not sure if the tweet link will survive in the long run. However, hopefully, it should be apparent that an undue reliance on cloud services should warn off users.

Here’s what happened:

April 2022 outage update

Second, the script we used provided both the “mark for deletion” capability used in normal day-to-day operations (where recoverability is desirable), and the “permanently delete” capability that is required to permanently remove data when required for compliance reasons. The script was executed with the wrong execution mode and the wrong list of IDs. The result was that sites for approximately 400 customers were improperly deleted.

Mistakes happen in enterprise deployments. Yet, it calls into question their disaster recovery plans.

These incidents are clear warning labels for the healthcare enterprises. Have clear articulated roles for the engineering teams and graded access. Critical issues shouldn’t be sorted out in the production environment. There’s a reason why sandboxes exist.

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