The automation in SaaS

This is an example from Zapier. (I don’t use or recommend their service, though).

Zapier: The $5B unbundling opportunity

At the time of this writing, there are over 3,000 SaaS integrations you can use on Zapier. Whatever SaaS products you’re using, they probably all connect with Zapier. From small e-commerce stores automating marketing emails by connecting MailChimp and Stripe to startups tracking their sales teams by plugging Salesforce into Asana, Zapier has grown over 3M active users and generates over $125 million in annual revenue.

Why am I highlighting this?

The core-platform will become (and assume) more importance with its associated “microservices” and a “glue to bind them all” in healthcare enterprises. A modular approach to a platform is more important with the “glue”. If this were not important, Zapier wouldn’t have assumed this kind of a valuation. The SaaS story is overrated, though. One prime reason is that there is no barrier to entry. Software is reproducible, and there is commonality to business processes across the world (in some ways or other). Therefore, in SaaS, the cost arbitrage is significant; lower the costs, better the valuation (and possibly customers). Healthcare will involve the financial side (and compliance structures) or a sum of many moving parts in the department, which depend on written/verbal communication (and check-lists). However, if you automate, it is really simple to envisage its role. For example, a Zapier like service can be made in backend- when the treatment plan is approved, the teams schedule patients, and technologists can be notified via Slack (for example). Or workflows through specific appointments. The possibilities are endless. The patients can be informed through automated calls and followed up.

These are purported to bring in efficiencies of scale, leaving human operators for patient engagement and ensuring compliance to treatment is done for optimal outcomes. Similar workflows through Zapier like services can be integrated in EHR’s.

This is another example:

I use IFTTT to trigger many services together.

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