How to interview: Some pointers towards better hiring

Photo by Christina Morillo on placeholder) Interviews are an inherent part of the job-seeker. The board/panel wants to know if the candidate "fits" in their requirements. Who gets chosen depends on a combination of luck, hubris, familiarity of the candidate with the board and "past successes". However, I haven't come across an interview board … Continue reading How to interview: Some pointers towards better hiring

The automation in SaaS

This is an example from Zapier. (I don't use or recommend their service, though). Zapier: The $5B unbundling opportunity At the time of this writing, there are over 3,000 SaaS integrations you can use on Zapier. Whatever SaaS products you’re using, they probably all connect with Zapier. From small e-commerce stores automating marketing emails by … Continue reading The automation in SaaS