Chief Innovation Officer- What are the prerequisites?

I came across this intriguing tweet around the requirement for metrics and deliverables for "chief-innovation officer". This has interesting replies, but got me to think about a reimagined role for someone who will bring "innovation" in workflows. Therefore, if I were in a "CIO" position, here's something I'd do: Redevelop inter-personal relationships with key … Continue reading Chief Innovation Officer- What are the prerequisites?


I am not a statistician, but this old post from Dominic Cummings (now "disgraced") leaves a lot to think about. Dominic wrote about ability to forecast. A review of Tetlock’s ‘Superforecasting’ (2015) – Dominic Cummings's Blog Tetlock also found that a small fraction did significantly better than average. Why? The worst forecasters were those with … Continue reading Superforecasting