Technology creeping in

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How Tech Becomes Mandatory

Tech has a sneaky way of working itself into our lives.
When a new technology is made, critics are often told “if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it”,but often this doesn’t end up being the case.For example, imagine how difficult your life would be if you tried to “just not use” your computer or your car.For many technologies, there are many barriers “blocking you in” to using them that weren’t there before the technology was around. In this post I’ll be showing how tech ends up becoming mandatory,
and giving examples to show just how widespread mandatory technology is.

They made the EMR’s mandatory, and does it help? Can AI help plug in the fanciful prose, which is taken as the “de-facto” requirement? Technology creeps in before the critical mass seeps in. This post will definitely appeal to the technophobes, because we are generating too much data and to our impediment.

This is instructive:

Cell phone apps: Companies which previously had websites are now moving their funcitonality (e.g. cashing a check online) onto cell phone apps, and dropping functionality from the website. Computers have been a mandatory technology for a while; this is making it so cell phones are mandatory as well. By only offering apps for Apple and Android, companies are more specifically making these two operating systems mandatory.

The “trend” to have an app for everything makes it difficult to cut through noise and create genuine engagement. Companies have the habit of bombarding users with notifications and I have seen the lock screen full of notification spam. I am surprised that users don’t engage with their devices, especially, there are numerous levers which can create a useful experience.

Healthcare applications are likely to suffer because of “missed notifications”. You could try to reach the user through SMS or calls, and that offers no guarantee that users will comply with health mandates. The downsides of technology need to be understood (as well as engagement patterns with applications).

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