Supply constraints for chips

Chipmakers face two-year shortage of critical equipment | Financial Times ASML’s machines are used to etch circuits into silicon wafers. “It is the single most critical company in the semiconductor supply chain,” said Richard Windsor, tech analyst at Radio Free Mobile. “It is the printing press of silicon chips.” Wennink said ASML was assessing with its … Continue reading Supply constraints for chips

What is “original writing”?

I stumbled on this remarkable insight: Writing Unoriginal Content | Kerry Jones - Musings While the heart of the subject may be written in other places, I believe that I sometimes describe a unique perspective. This perspective comes from a range of sources and connects other, relevant information. Taking this a step further and simplifying … Continue reading What is “original writing”?

Cyber-laws: Important for healthcare

This image from Financial Times has nothing to do with a nice lighting effect (with pudding keycaps for the measure). This came off as critical, and I had to share it (despite steering clear of the "geopolitical issues"). Australia to pass cyber laws to protect critical networks against foreign attacks | Financial Times On Tuesday, … Continue reading Cyber-laws: Important for healthcare

5G: Different strokes for different folks

Valuations built in the cloud-literaly! Interesting insight: What’s Holding Back 5G - WSJ To understand why, consider the two kinds of 5G technology often mentioned in the same breath. One is basically a souped-up version of 4G, making smartphone downloads and wireless hot-spot connections even faster. Such coverage is quickly becoming commonplace in rich countries. … Continue reading 5G: Different strokes for different folks