Digital Spaces: Time for restraint

This is an interesting counter argument for those who need to always air their opinions on social media. One of the reasons I stay inactive on Twitter is lack of visibility due to algorithms. Visibility depends on specific factors – your previous interactions on the medium and your “bot-like-behaviour”.

The silence is deafening |

A huge part of the problem is that digital spaces generally have no equivalent of a disapproving glare. You’re stuck choosing between staying silent and entering the fray, with few options in between. If you have little reason to believe that other reasonable people will back you up, you’re going to stick with the default: silence.

Twitter offers nothing in return, barring a lot of noise. I remember reading a prominent healthcare researcher planning to sunset her account by Jan 2022. She still pops up in my timeline as of April 2022. No point. She’s addicted to “busting myths around coronavirus” and I am genuinely surprised that all the negativity doesn’t burn her up.

Social media is the digital cocaine and is a rabbit hole of negativity.

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