To shift to a “data-driven” mindset

HBR has an excellent write up on challenges to shift to a data driven background:

The perceptible iceberg of sunk data costs

Why Becoming a Data-Driven Organization Is So Hard

Right now, the biggest challenge for organizations working on their data strategy might not have to do with technology at all. In the latest NewVantage Partners annual survey, which tracks the progress of corporate data initiatives, corporate chief data, information, and analytics executives reported that cultural change is the most critical business imperative. It’s an understandable problem: to a degree that is perpetually underestimated, becoming data-driven is about the ability of people and organizations to adapt to change.

I can’t specifically comment on the surveys, which relies on the perceptions of the companies, and usually has vague responses, or when a write up is wrapped around a survey, to pass it as a scholarly work. However, it is still instructive to get a fair idea of how perceptions are shifting gradually around data-retention, specifically and AI algorithmic “crunches”. The challenges will be around jurisdictional localisation if the states (or federation of states) decide to rule for keeping data locally and providing means of employment, instead of “concentration” of talent in a specific geographical area corresponding to valleys.

Interesting times. I can foresee a perverse digital divide within the organisations, since the perceptible ideas and talent can be difficult to procure. Even despite the “work-from-home” and the clamour of “great resignation”, there will be significant challenges.

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