4G, 5G and 6G in India

I have rarely covered anything from India, but it merits due consideration. For the first time, we have a technocrat as a minister who understands the intricacies of industrial production and “standards”. In continuation of the focus on 5G (and beyond), I have included this here. The importance of India comes from the cost arbitrage India won’t indulge in price gouging like the EU (and extractive mentality) and having a low-cost base for 5G will benefit the “dark areas” – especially the ones not covered with fibre.

‘5G Network In Its Final Stages Of Development’: Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw

In his inaugural address, Vaishnaw said, “India has emerged as a major electronics manufacturing hub. Today, electronics manufacturing in India is close to $75 billion. It’s growing at more than 20 per cent CAGR”.

On development of technology, the minister said, “The country has also developed its own indigenously developed 4G core & radio network. The 5G network is also in its final stages of development. The country is participating today in development of 6G standards, in the thought process of 6G.”

There are bound to be teething issues, as and when complexity is involved in execution. Nevertheless, if and when the 4G core and the 5G standards are developed in-house and implemented, it will be a huge first step for India. I’ll expand more on this – especially on the “standards”.

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