“Censorship” of scientific misinformation

Royal Society cautions against censorship of scientific misinformation online | Royal Society

The Online Information Environment report also warns that the UK Government’s upcoming Online Safety Bill focuses on harms to individuals while failing to recognise the wider ‘societal harms’ that misinformation can cause. Misinformation about scientific issues, from vaccine safety to climate change, can cause harm to individuals and society at large. The report says there is little evidence that calls for major platforms to remove offending content will limit scientific misinformation’s harms and warns such measures could even drive it to harder-to-address corners of the internet and exacerbate feelings of distrust in authorities

The report is obtuse and complex. If it is aimed at the general populace, it clearly misses the point. An average lay reader can only understand complex issues when they are written for broad comprehension. The “report” clearly misses the point-misinformation exists solely for engagement metrics. The “shock videos” and “news” are politicised and critical for polarisation, which is what social media companies do. They amplify the visible portion of the “misinformation” and have “fact-checkers” which are both partisan and agenda driven.

The entire business case for the big-tech lies in complex metrics and engagement with the “algorithms”. By not blaming the root cause of the “politicisation” of science, the “Royal Society” has lost its edge and any shred of credibility that they claim.

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