Misleading with facts

This is a “must read”.

How to Mislead with Facts

In today’s so-called “post-truth” digital media landscapes, the practice of weaponizing facts has become widespread, microtargeted, and optimized for psychological impact. The normalization of mishandling facts threatens to undermine people’s sense of living in a shared reality. For some, it goes so far as to undermine the idea that reality can be known at all.

(Taken from the post)

I find similar approach in the “creative interpretation” of the academic papers. The break-up of the context and pushing statistical correlates becomes overbearing. That’s one reason I fail to catch up with the “academic discussions” on Twitter.

Nevertheless, the cultural wars are just issues around perception. I don’t think that it mandates any specific clarification around “best way to approach” an issue. What is required is to break the perception bubble and look for alternatives and expand your view point. Sometimes, the futility of the argument becomes apparent while you are writing.

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