Distribution platforms

WordPress.com offers not only hosting but distribution through emails. I don’t get to see your email addresses and neither I control them. I do plan to have some solution that will allow me to port the email addresses to a different provider and transition easily to another platform, if needed.

As always, I recommend using RSS feeds, which are platform agnostic. Besides, I recommend and use Telegram for my personal (and limited) professional use, which helps keep communication sane and intact. Besides, it allows for automation (like Twitter), which is unmoderated and streams links.

Newsletters are again third party distribution hubs, and the marginal cost on upfront investment – it is not expensive to scale once you have distribution effects. Despite all the noise for supporting “local journalism”, the VC money is being used to create gatekeeping. I don’t blame users for shifting towards shiny things and the promise of “setting up business” – how many newsletters can you realistically support?

Own your platform. Own your narrative. Have a clear export alternative. Always control the financial leeway for earning money without an intermediary sucking up your hard earned money. Be smart.

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