A Mid-summer night’s dream: And what you can do if you have money

Burn it, of course!

Meta Unveils New AI Supercomputer – WSJ

“The experiences we’re building for the metaverse require enormous compute power…and RSC will enable new AI models that can learn from trillions of examples, understand hundreds of languages, and more,” Meta CEO. Meta’s AI supercomputer houses 6,080 Nvidia graphics-processing units, putting it fifth among the fastest supercomputers in the world, according to Meta. By mid-summer, when the AI Research SuperCluster is fully built, it will house some 16,000 GPUs, becoming the fastest AI supercomputer in the world, Meta said. The company declined to comment on the location of the facility or the cost.

I wish to die here!

Meta (aka Facebook) has billions of dollars to spare. They will never disclose the size of the AI supercluster, but will use it for “research”. My submission is that they need to find predictors for healthcare (for example emotional triggers or identify events preceding to visiting a healthcare facility). This is insidious development, and it will ignite the AI arms race within the big-tech. Apple, surprisingly, has not mentioned anything about their AI ambitions, but if Siri, their digital voice assistant, is any indicator, it is trashy. I do see their apologetic fanboys trying to spin the narrative around the behemoth (it’s not surprising that money can make you sing), but nonetheless, iOS (or even Mac) remains one of the worst computing paradigms on the planet. It is a sign of unbridled capitalism gone wrong.

So is the above super computing cluster. I’d be interested in understanding its architecture though.

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