Intel announces the world’s largest chip fab in Ohio

Much hype but AMD outclasses it.

Intel’s $20 bln Ohio factory could become world’s largest chip plant | Reuters

An initial $20 billion investment – the largest in Ohio’s history – on a 1,000-acre site in New Albany will create 3,000 jobs, Gelsinger said. That could grow to $100 billion with eight total fabrication plants and would be the largest investment on record in Ohio, he told Reuters. Dubbed the silicon heartland, it could become “the largest semiconductor manufacturing location on the planet,” he said.

I will focus slowly on the growing importance of “chip manufacturing” plants too. First, they are important from a geo-political and strategic view. Second, they underpin everything that we discuss here. Whether it’s personal computing or the cloud, specialized chips like Tensor or the ones designed by Amazon for its hyperscalers have gained increasing acceptance. I won’t comment on specific political events, but will mention them in the passing.

Stay tuned! Healthcare is going to be influenced by significant unknowns.

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