Big Tech Crackdown- 2

The person causing much grief in tech circles.

Moment of truth for proposed Big Tech crackdown | Financial Times

One of the proposed laws would force Apple and Google to end restrictions that have, to varying degrees, forced app makers to rely on their app stores to reach smartphone users. But it is the other one — the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, put forward by Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar and Republican Chuck Grassley — that would have the most sweeping impact. The law’s backers say it is designed to prevent the biggest tech companies using their platforms unfairly to favour their own services. The tech companies, on the other hand, say it would threaten some of the everyday online experiences that hundreds of millions of users have come to depend on.

This is an opinion column from Financial Times, and I completely agree with the assertion. I have been writing about this for long, and it chimes in with the ongoing dissent brewing not only in political circles, but also in the debates taking centre-stage around polarization and echo-chambers. The FTC is flexing its muscles, and I have been following up on specific newsletters dedicated to anti monopoly.

Central question: Should you entrust healthcare delivery in their hands? Think about it.

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