Rattling big tech

Big Tech rattled as US antitrust push finds rare bipartisan backing | Financial Times

Of all the regulatory threats facing large technology companies, from new privacy laws to stricter content moderation requirements, the possibility that US officials could try to break their market power is one of the most existential. Tech executives argue that by offering multiple products together, they improve customer experiences: for example by directing people using Google to search for a location straight to Google Maps.

I don’t know what’s going to come out of this political circus but there have been enough murmurs of political backlash (and the users revolting against the overarching control and power) of the unelected representatives.

That’s why my heart skips a beat, each time, I read about the companies announcing their “healthcare plans”.

A little more on WaPo:

Push to crack down on tech giants faces tough voting math in Congress – The Washington Post

That includes a pair of proposals: The American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which would prevent major tech platforms from giving their own products a boost over competitors’ goods, and the Platform Competition and Opportunity Act, which would make it easier for regulators to block large tech companies from scooping up rivals.
Both bills advanced with bipartisan support out of the House Judiciary Committee in June, despite facing opposition from most of the panel’s Republicans and some California Democrats. 

Who will prevail? The democratic will or the lobbying efforts? I am sure businesses account for these in the known risks of regulatory fervour, and almost like boiling frogs in the hot water. They will jump out of it.

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