No Place to Hide’s No Place To Hide campaign flops on launch • The Register

Money spent publicly lobbying Facebook not to enable E2EE and demonising the tech itself is money better spent on public awareness campaigns about ways to report crimes, outreach to children, parental education on how to talk to (and supervise) children about using social media today – and who children should talk to if a strange adult suddenly tries to befriend them online.

In this frontal assault to privacy by trying to defame end-to-end encryption, the UK government is doing itself a disservice.

Although WhatsApp has become popular in UK healthcare delivery, I have argued several times that their model is inappropriate. Healthcare data requires strict provisioning and sandboxed models to operate with an oversight of the devices (through the “managed devices solution”), like from BlackBerry or other options like MobileIron. They are defined options (unified end point management) and separate the home from the work solutions, and have appropriate controls on the same device.

I agree with the pointer in the linked write-up. Privacy is a fundamental right. Something interesting below:

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