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It is critical to understand the complex supply chains with semiconductors, chip manufacturing and the “fab plants”. These have gained immense geopolitical significance and clout with the governments and industry. Countries are prepared to go to war over the wafers. It deeply impacts the healthcare through direct and indirect ways – especially as the healthcare grapples with the costs of disruption-technological transformation is inevitable.

I will also be writing on these issues, expanding the scope of the blog, as it serves as a training ground, and comprehending the various “chess pieces” to gain an overall perspective. I have been covering cloud computing, bandwidth issues, 5G and newer versions of WiFi. How will all of that impact the practise of medicine? Telemedicine? Tele-portation?

Meta-verse is a “reality” (ignore the pun), but it has a greater impact on consciousness and has much wider ramifications of AI seeping into the conversation. You can notice the familiar hype patterns, as social media companies are on the horde to transform themselves into “virtual reality” (which is an alternative reality). I will be posting the Indian view point and the Vedic Dharmashastras (including the Indian aspect of philosophy), which is critical to comprehend the ongoing narrative. We have understood AI from the Western “reductionist” model, and there is a lot of talk on the “post-modernism” and “critical theory”, including the hyped models of “humanism”. Tomes have been written about the inherent biases, but AI’s role is to amplify those biases and create more polarisation. I spent the last part of 2021 trying to understand these issues, and the best way to learn about them is through expanding on these philosophical constructs and exploring how they impact the delivery of healthcare in the future.

Stay tuned! It’s an exciting time to explore these ideas! What I’d try to consciously avoid is the “futuristic” lens to understand contemporary issues of today. SciFi is not my domain or interest, and there’s no point in predicting the future – but understand the moving parts of today that will combine in several ways in the future. It’s not binary, but has varying shades of grey.

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