Flatline for IBM Watson

IBM tries to sell Watson Health again – Axios

Fast forward: IBM in late 2021 engaged BofA Securities to find a buyer for Watson Health.

Bids were due yesterday, according to one source who says IBM hopes to select the winner by month’s end. One strategic buyer and several private equity firms are said to be in the mix.

The other side: IBM and BofA declined to comment, but in a discussion with Ina Fried last year for “Axios on HBO,” IBM CEO Arvind Krishna acknowledged the perception that sometimes the company has promised more than it has delivered.

The AI that never was. I had sat through the presentation of this product with an ex-colleague once. The demo showed multiple input fields, each required a user input. I can’t reveal much, since the non disclosure agreements cover both prospective and retrospective details, but suffice to say that it was a subpar product. I wonder how some enterprises could envision investing in this.

Nevertheless, it is one in the ongoing series of its fallible. Let’s see what comes of it.

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