The rise of Matrix

No, it’s not the movie. Its a decentralised chat application.

The Mega Matrix Holiday Special 2021 |

We’ve also seen a huge shift in big enterprises adopting Matrix for self-sovereign secure communication (although we can’t drop any names yet 😔). This may have been spurred on by such misadventures as Electronic Arts being compromised via a leaked Slack access token, but it feels like many of the biggest organisations now realise that unquestioningly handing their data to Slack or Teams is a bad idea, when they could have an end-to-end encrypted deployment of their own instead

Here’s something from another link:

How Hackers Used Slack to Break into EA Games

The group stole the source code for FIFA 21 and related matchmaking tools, as well as the source code for the Frostbite engine that powers games like Battlefield and other internal game development tools. In all, the hackers claim they have 780GB of data, and are advertising it for sale on various underground forums. EA previously confirmed the data impacted in the breach to Motherboard. A representative for the hackers told Motherboard in an online chat that the process started by purchasing stolen cookies being sold online for $10 and using those to gain access to a Slack channel used by EA. Cookies can save the login details of particular users, and potentially let hackers log into services as that person. In this case, the hackers were able to get into EA’s Slack using the stolen cookie. (Although not necessarily connected, in February 2020 Motherboard reported that a group of researchers discovered an ex-engineer had left a list of the names of EA Slack channels in a public facing code repository).

This is a warning sign – control the communications software. I have seen multiple instances of Teams and Slack being pushed through. Possibly, they help in easier communication. However, the log-in credentials in the enterprise space are pathetic. Most companies don’t use or provision password managers and authentication software tokens, which makes it difficult to deploy security at scale.

I have a fringe interest in Matrix, as few of my associates have been using it and invited me to use their server. Its an interesting edge-use case scenario. I hope it gathers more momentum.

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