2022 Refresh

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

You will notice some changes to the static theme and the sidebar menu. I “downgraded” from a business plan to a “personal plan”. It doesn’t allow me much leeway – some of the plugins are lost. However, the entire database is intact.

I searched for self-hosting alternatives. However, I realised that having a solution that caters to automatic updates and excellent uptime is a far better option than self-managing. I also searched for “designers”, but it is difficult to get a translation of the options. I am going with the simplistic theme here and again encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feeds (if you do care to read the ramblings).

Blogging becomes easier if you take out the thoughts of being judged by unknown people. At some point, it used to bother me, but no longer. This also marks the update of WordPress as a blogging platform “par-excellence”.

I also had a re-look at Ghost blogging platform, and it is clear they have some “deal” with Zapier. It might suit some users, but I have no idea why self-hosting options are expensive. Substack was completely out because of poor CMS. Besides, a newsletter option doesn’t bode well- especially when the click through rates are atrocious. I do keep track of some substack newsletters through RSS feeds in Inoreader, and their “discoverability” is through some random post on Hacker News submission.

Stay tuned for more focus on papers, summaries, AI (as usual) and hardware (including cloud). I focus on enhancing my understanding of the process, especially when healthcare is witnessing massive shifts to “technology”. Most of the blog-posts are scheduled. As of date, I have crossed 1063 posts (with an aim and focus on writing and publishing one post per day).

Enjoy! Happy Reading!

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