Learning in public

Salman writes:

I have a lot of different interests, and have been exploring a wide range of topics in my writing. This gives me a lot of different ideas of what to write about, but it also keeps it fun.

My approach runs counter to popular advice for growth. It’s often suggested to pick a single niche, so that it’s clear to your audience the one thing you’re all about. I don’t think this approach is right for me, but a part of me is still worried I’m “doing it wrong”.

The best way to overcome our fear, Gilbert argues, is to embrace our curiosity. It can take years for your true creative path to emerge, but it is the most sustainable and meaningful work you will ever do.

(emphasis mine)

This blog represents exactly the same – building narratives in public while learning and applying ideas to pursue personal growth. I have experimented with several “formats” and remain convinced that newsletters (as a format for delivery) are primarily broken. Consuming content on the blogs makes inherent sense. I cannot personally cover it all. I have inspired moments of “binge reading and writing”. I use specific tools and services to enhance and augment the written word here, and use the interconnected ideas to write long-forms elsewhere.

This is learning in public. I will persist with it.

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