UK’s digital push

Daniel Thomas reports for FT:

The AI strategy will include a framework of ethics and principles that will contribute to regulatory and policy approaches for developing and deploying advanced machine learning.

The strategy will also set out ways to encourage businesses to adopt advances in AI to improve productivity. The document will propose a white paper next year to bring together these plans for consultation. 

2022 hopefully if it doesn’t get mired in the red tape)

I have been tracking the progress towards “AI” as the bulwark of the “technology dominance” – end users forget that it cannot develop in vacuum. You need deep academia-industry linkages. Therefore, governments will be forced to open doors to crack up the “chicken-and-egg” problem by pushing immigration as a stop-gap arrangement. This will have political uncertainties and create more policy headaches.

It reminds me of this:

The UK now has 105 ‘unicorn’ companies worth $1bn or more, with 20 created in the past six months, including Tractable, which produces AI for damage appraisal by insurance companies, Zego, an insurance company, and Depop, a fashion app. In comparison, it took 24 years from 1990 to 2014 to create the UK’s first 20 unicorns.

From the heights of industrial age and plumbing to the depths of “technological age” will be a bitter pill to swallow. Data localisation and ethical use of AI policy will determine outcomes. One way forward is to automate bureaucracy and it will be interesting to see how they disrupt themselves 🙂

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