iOS: The “myth of privacy”

This paper published on Arxiv was much debated and discussed on the Hacker News forums. I decided to include it here: Kollnig, Konrad, Anastasia Shuba, Reuben Binns, Max Van Kleek, and Nigel Shadbolt. 2021. “Are iPhones Really Better for Privacy? Comparative Study of iOS and Android Apps.” arXiv [cs.CR]. arXiv. [embeddoc url=""] Keu Points: … Continue reading iOS: The “myth of privacy”

Samsung’s pitch for the private 5G networks

Photo by Stephan Seeber on Private 5G networks are getting in the mainstream - mainly enterprise push, though it will accelerate the adoption of edge networks. I stumbled on this document from Samsung- I hope you find it useful. [embeddoc url=""]

The new Bill of rights for AI?

Photo by Rodrigo Souza on A global AI bill of rights is desperately needed | Financial Times Now White House science advisers are proposing a Bill of Artificial Intelligence Rights, emulating the US Bill of Rights adopted in 1791. That bill, intended as a check on government power, enshrined such concepts as freedom of … Continue reading The new Bill of rights for AI?

What is the optimal strategy for oligometastatic prostatic cancers?

This is part of the continuum of my focus on oligometastatic cancers. I won't delve into "controversies" around metastatic prostate, but it calls into question- whether the sole basis of partin's nomograms around nodal involvement has been understaged and pelvic dissection of nodes incomplete. Numerous contemporary studies fail to account for these two basic statements. … Continue reading What is the optimal strategy for oligometastatic prostatic cancers?

Whither innovation in science?

I stumbled on this compelling read on how innovation in science has stalled and merits your attention. Chu, Johan S. G., and James A. Evans. 2021. “Slowed Canonical Progress in Large Fields of Science.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118 (41). Slowed canonical progress in large … Continue reading Whither innovation in science?