The path forward

As the year draws to an end, it is also a time to reflect on the future changes to the blog. I intend to keep this same tempo and expand the scope of write-ups – ranging from chipsets/medical devices to the complete healthcare ecosystem.

I will keep up with the familiar format of linking from the main article to the snippets – the idea is to introduce the context and add my own commentary to it. It helps cross-reference ideas. In addition, I’d be adding a rolling roster of the links I am blogging here with more extensive tagging to form part of the personal knowledge management system. It will become easier for everyone to find the right bookmark. That comes with the courtesy of Raindrop. I am also evaluating other options to share annotations – notably through but they make sharing them a real pain. You need an account to follow the annotations (if I make some) and then export functionality is limited to those with programming knowledge. They allow the RSS feeds for “annotations”, but have no means to export for “highlights”, which is counter intutive. They layer it up with a pathetic customer service. Though, as of date, that’s the only service which works on Chrome.

Readwise is stepping up the game, and I am waiting for the private beta access to their cross-platform reader. Expect a blog post soon.

I am also planning a site overhaul with a custom theme and better navigation. It can be a pain to fine-tune, but the end result is worth it.

I am also on quest to discover more sources to track.

Paper summaries will remain a strong focus – I intend to find a way to integrate Liquid Text projects (as a mind-map of ideas) from focused topics like Seminars. I am trying to collect the best papers of 2021 – this will remain a snapshot of how radiation oncology is evolving.

Stay tuned!

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