One big idea

David Perell writes:

Instead, we follow a binge-watching, TED-Talks-before-bed strategy where we hop from epiphany to epiphany without investigating any of the ideas. Our obsession with learning has descended into an obsession with consumption, as if the answers we need to take action are lurking in the next book, the next documentary, or the next Netflix show. But consuming more information does not necessarily make you more competent. 

In contrast to the sprint to read every book on Kindle, Charlie Munger once said: “Take a simple idea and take it seriously.” Many of the most successful people I’ve studied have found their edge by putting their faith in one big idea. They’ve committed to the idea, and studied it so much that its implications have become second nature

(emphasis mine)

David writes well. I tried to apply for his “write of passage”, but I couldn’t “clear” it. In retrospect, it would have possibly given me a little more traction and some “virtual likes/follows” or possibly some endorsement in a newsletter, but I am content with my limited sphere of influence. If you are getting the newsletter (which I don’t control), then I am sure you are paying attention to what I write!

Although I started this blog without a template, it has morphed into an exploration of several ideas. Hence, this passage from his blog reverberated with me. It is desirable to have a podcast or anything to get the creative juices flowing, but it can be an arduous proposition to keep up with the demands of listeners and readers; especially as you attempt to carve out your niche or gain more influence through “recalls”. Conferences can be a place to start conversations, though I have found that those fleeting moments don’t necessarily translate into “long-term commitments” for research unless there is shared “mutual interest”.

Just start writing. Ideas will flow. Words will flow. It is bound to enrich you personally and professionaly.

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